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Food vegetable fruits Lyophilizer Machine

15kg/batch in situ silicone oil heating commercial freeze dryer

Detailed description

TF-100F Vacuum Freeze Dryer

TF-100F Freeze Dryer is suitable for pilot scale or small scale production. 

This series is one of our patent products.This series of dryers with heating shelf,

freezing and drying process are finished in the same place.It changes traditional 

complicated operation and prevents the product from pollution.

Main Features of TF-100F Vacuum Freeze Dryer

1. With heating shelf and PID control standard, with programmable function

2.  With organic glass observation window, whole process is easy to see

3.  The shelf temperature accuracy is ≤ 1℃

4.  Silicon oil fills hollow shelves, with most uniform shelf temp.,consistent and

    repeatable drying

5. Big touch screen LCD display drying curves

6.  Interal surface of rectangular chamber and product tray are constructed of stainless steel

7.  Air-let-in valve with nitrogen is available

8.  Eutectic point test device is optional

9. PC software is optional to achieve remote control

TF-100 lyophilization machine TF-100F  freeze dried food machine

Technical parameter of silicon oil heating vacuum freeze dryer

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TEFIC freeze dried instance

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Vacuum freeze dryer exhibition room

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 TEFIC customer



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Strong export standard wooden box package

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