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Food Freeze Drying Equipment Supplier

- 2.16㎡ freeze dried area, suitable for fruits, fruit juice, vegetables, meat,ect.
- Can dry 30-40kg, 21 liters raw material
- PLC + color touch screen control
- Double import compressor

Detailed description

2 square meter food fruit vegetable vacuum freeze dryer 



  Main description of 2 square meter freeze food dryer 

 PLC + color touch screen control, can set 32 groups of freeze-drying process data, each group includes 36 segments. Users can set 2-36 freeze-drying process as needed. Can display sample's temperature curve, shelf temperature curve, cold trap temperature curve and vacuum degree curve. can realize lyophilization data output by USB disk in EXL format. and check the freeze-dried data on the computer



Main features of food freeze dryer 

1. The process of pre-freezing and drying finishes in situ, so it changes the complicated operation and automates the dry process.
2. The temperature error is less than or equal 1℃.The drying effect is uniform.
3.The partition board temperature is adjustable and controlled.
4.Touch screen operation, PID control, Display drying curve
5.The sample tray is square so it’s easy to clean and operate
6.Equipped with inflatable valve, can be filled with inert gas
7. The drying chamber adopts transparent organic glass door, can clearly observe the material changes in the drying process
8. Eutectic point test device optinal

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                  Technical parameters of fruit and vegetable freeze drying equipment  

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                 Freeze-dried instance

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                 TEFIC vacuum freeze dryer machine warehouse

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                     TEFIC team

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