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CIP SIP Pharmaceutical Industrial Vacuum Freeze Dryer

1㎡ CIP SIP pharmaceutical industrial vacuum freeze dryer for drying materials in vials

Detailed description

                         CIP SIP pharmaceutical industrial vacuum freeze dryer 



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           Technical parameters of CIP SIP pharmaceutical vacuum freeze dryer

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Hydraulic stoppering system: Hydraulic


CIP system /Clean in place

Clean type: Standard + ultra wide angle + spherical

Chamber clean type: spherical + ultra wide angle spraying

Viewing window clean type: ultra wide angle spraying


SIP system/Steam in place

Sterilization method: 121℃ Statured pure steam, directly inject to chamber and condenser to sterilize

Steam pipe material: AISI 316L

Safety pressure: 0.2MPa


-Automatic control system using PC as the master, and PLC as the slave. 
-PC installs original legal edition WINDOWS system,
-Friendly human machine interface (HMI)and design freeze drying recipe through menu prompt mode.


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Freeze-drying chamber cooling after the sterilization: the outer wall of the freeze-drying chamber and the door is equipped with a cooling jacket (316L stainless steel), after the sterilization operation to speed up the freeze freeze chamber, door panels, so that into Freeze-dried production in a short 

About the medical CIP SIP vacuum freeze drying machine, TEFIC independent research and development, production, sales and after-sales.




Main features of top press type  freeze dryer lyophilizer:

1. TEFIC pharmaceutical lyophilizer adopt double color touch screen + PLC control, control system is stable and reliable, flexible operation, can store 32 groups of freeze-drying process data, each group can be set up to 36 segment, with freeze-drying curve and automatically record data function; U disk derived freeze-dried data. Applicable to pilot and small batch production


2. GZLYZ-1 pharmaceutical freeze dryer with a Bitzer refrigeration unit, condenser temperature is -70 ℃, stable performance, high reliability. Pre-freeze drying in place to reduce the cumbersome operation of the drying process


3. Silicone oil as a circulating medium, high temperature control accuracy, shelf temperature ≤ 1 ℃, uniform drying effect


4. Shelf temperature adjustable, controllable

5. As drying chamber and cold trap are split structure, water catching capacity ability is strong and the drying time is short

6. Touch screen operation, PLC control, display dry curve

7. Square tray is not easy to deformation, easy to operate, easy to clean

8. Configuration of inflatable valve, can be filled with dry inert gas

9. Eutectic point test device .

10 Computer software for remote control optional



            Vacuum freeze dryer exhibition room

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