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Nontouch type Horn Sonicator

Notouch type ultrasonic probe sonicator mainly used for sterile cells break
Each sample put in full sealed individual centrifuge tubes,don't need to contact horn,avoid cross pollution

Detailed description

Notouch type probe sonicator

Notouch type probe sonicator used for asepsis crush, can break chromosome and crush cell through centrifuge tube(suitable for biology dangerous products and harmful sample), Avoid sample cross pollution.  

TEFIC Notouch type probe sonicator don't need operate probe frequently, each sample is put in a total sealing individual test tube, ultrasonic energy distribution is uniform,  Notouch type probe sonicator have become the standard instrument for ChIP,blood products, vaccine products, DNA shear research institution.

Key Features of LCD Ultrasonic homogenizer
1. Large-screen LCD 
2. Microcomputer control, operational data store 50 groups 
3. Ultrasonic time, ultrasonic power can be set 
4. Ultrasonic power automatically detect, prevent ultrasonic power with the sample temperature change 
5. Integrated sample temperature control to prevent overheating 
6. Frequency automatic tracking, automatic fault alarm. 

Technical parameters of notouch type probe sonicator





19.5-20.5KHz  Automatic tracking

Ultrasonic power(W)

20-1200W adjustable

500-3000W adjustable

Probe (mm)



Standard process capacity per batch (ml)

0.1-2ml*4 samples

0.1-2ml*16 samples

Centrifugal tube support optional 

(each size could be customized)

0.2 ml *8 hole or 5ml*3 hole

0.2 ml *32 hole or 5ml*12 hole

 Temperature control range  ℃

-5-50 ℃

Contact type high power probe


Instrument protection function

Over-temperature, over- power , over -time

Duty ratio



LCD display

Please note:Contact type high power transducer + probe is optional, one machine has two purposes 

Probe sonicator 's video




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