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5L Continuous Flow Industrial Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator

Continuous ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator
Equipped with 5L-316 jacketed stainless steel reactor
Equipped with 0℃ -50℃cooling thermostat bath

Detailed description

5L continuous flow thermostatic ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator


Description of continuous flow ultrasonic homogenizer mixer

5L continuous flow ultrasonic cell disruptor has constant temperature, temperature control and continuous feeding functions, strong scalability, also suitable for Chinese herbal medicine extraction, cell, bacterial wall and nano-chemical materialss disperse and emulsify, suitable for small batch production or for future industrial production to provide accurate technology parameter.


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Main features of continuous flow ultrasonic reactor


1. Φ40mm Multi-point lengthened type titanium alloy horn

2.  4.3 inch TFT touch screen control

3.  Can store 20 sets data

4. Single time process capacity is 500ml~5L,  continuous process capacity is 50-100L/day

5.  Continuous or pulsed ultrasonic time setting according to your requirement

6. 5L-316 jacketed stainless steel reactor with discharge valve

7. Equipped with low-temperature constant temperature bath

 5L industrial ultrasonic homogenizer's video


Technical parameters of 5L industrial ultrasonic homogenizer 

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