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1000W 600ml Ultrasonic Reactor

TF -1000D thermostatic Closeness Ultrasonic Reactor
Process capacity: 50~600ml
Ultrasonic power:1000W (adjustable)

Detailed description

Thermostatic Closeness Ultrasonic Reactor


TF-1000D thermostatic sealed ultrasonic reactor for acoustic chemical reaction, enzymatic reaction, preparation of nano-materials, emulsification, homogenization, dehydration, separation, extraction, digestion and reduction, defoaming, petroleum oxidation desulfurization, organic wastewater treatment, oil sludge cleaning de-oiling, the remaining biological sludge dehydration, sterilization, cleaning and so on. Also widely used in chemical industry, materials engineering, environmental engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology and other fields.

It is a multi-purpose instrument for materials ultrasonic treatment

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Key Features of thermostatic sealed ultrasonic reactor 

1.  Fully enclosed structure, can enter a variety of gases involved in the reactor.

2.  Immersion ultrasonic horn make the treatment effect is good.

3.  Ultrasonic power 50 ~ 1000W continuously adjustable.

4.  Ultrasonic pulse excitation device independent switch, pulse excitation time adjustable, pulses times automatically count control.

5. Ultrasonic transducer and liquid contact part can choose titanium material, corrosion resistance.

6. Jacketed glass reactor, 50 ~ 800mL variety of reactors optional,  can connect to cold water or oil bath, to achieve precise temperature control.

7.  Display and temperature sensor can be directly immersed in the reaction system.

8.  Reflux condenser, feeding dropping funnel can be connected to the reactor, also can connect gas bubbler, vacuum exhaust pipe and other chemical synthesis device accessories, chemical synthesis reaction device kit, micro organic synthesis kit optional.

9.  The horn and the reactor are connected with a special sealing joint,  The reactor is completely closed.

10. Super magnetic stirrer make the samples fully mixed (optional )

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