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500ml High Pressure Homogeniser

- High-pressure ultrasonic reactor
- High pressure high temperature, high pressure low temperature,150ml~10L customizable

Detailed description

High-pressure ultrasonic reactor


TEFIC newly developed high-pressure thermostat ultrasonic reactor or high-pressure high-temperature ultrasonic reactor consists of the following components:


Ultrasonic signal generator+ stirring+ constant temperature device + stainless steel pressure reactor body + energy-gathered ultrasonic transducer + titanium alloy horn, ultrasonic transducer through a special flange fixed to the kettle body, to ensure that air pressure does not leak, Kettle body can be made double or three layer for heating or cooling, the top can be installed special magnetic coupling speed motor to ensure that no dead angle in the kettle,  can design feeding, discharge, reflux devices. kettle cover can be equipped with mechanical lifting device.



500ml laboratory type high pressure ultrasonic reactor.jpg

10L industrial type high pressure ultrasonic reactor.jpg


Technical parameters of high-pressure ultrasonic reactorQQ20170515093131_.jpg


Working principle of high-pressure ultrasonic reactor

Energy-gathered ultrasonic horn directly immersed in the reactor body liquid,  make a large number of energy directly into the reaction medium, effectively convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or ultrasonic energy, through the ultrasonic generator to change the ultrasonic transmission to the probe’s amplitude, to control ultrasonic energy

ultrasonic probe price.jpg

 Lab sonicator with sound proof box.jpg  Lab sonicator with bracket.jpg



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