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Touch Screen 650W ultrasonic emulsifyer machine

4.3 inch TFT touch screen
Ultrasonic power, ultrasonic time, ultrasonic temperature 0℃-100℃ adjustable
Login password protection
Illumination, sterilization, automatic lifting function optional
Computer connection function optional

Detailed description

 4.3 inch TFT touch screen ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator 



4.3 inch TFT touch screen series ultrasonic mixer is  TEFIC’s new developed product. With full functions, beautiful appearance, reliable performance. Instrument using large LCD display screen, using the central computer centralized control system, ultrasonic output, gap time, ultrasonic power, duty cycle, temperature can be arbitrarily set, sample detection temperature display, frequency automatic tracking, automatic fault alarm.


TEFIC 4.3 inch TFT touch screen probe sonicator consists of ultrasonic generator (power), transducer components and sound proof box, middle part connected by the cable


 4.3 inch TFT touch screen ultrasonic wave cell homogenizer main advantages

- Ultrasonic power, ultrasonic time, ultrasonic temperature 0℃-100℃ adjustable
- Protection device include self-diagnostic function, program automatic error correction, over-load, over- temperature protection
- With login password protection
- Computer connection function optional
- Sound proof box can customize illumination, sterilization, automatic lifting function
- Can store 20 groups datas



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Technical parameters for touch screen ultrasonic homogenizer

ultrasonic cell disruptor.jpg


 cell homogenizer.jpg




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TEFIC ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator package

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