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20L Ultrasonic Mixer Reactor For Continuous Flow Production

10l 20L 30L and 50L industrial type ultrasonic reactor with overhead mechanical mixing and ultrasonic cavitation function, have been widely used in graphene,nano materials and vegetable oil field in recent years

Detailed description

20L ultrasonic reactor with mechanical mixing 


TEFIC ultrasonic reactor mainly used for continuous flow producttion, it is based on the original function of the jacketed glass reactor, and add ultrasonic cavitation function. 

Mechanical stirring and ultrasound working together, with more better effect than using one single function

Our ultrasonic reactor can play a significant role in ultrafine pulverization of powdered materials in the liquid phase, petroleum emulsification extraction, nanoparticles dispersion, and precious metal purification. also can accelerate the reaction for powdered substances involved in the reaction, emulsification reaction and homogeneous reaction

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Main parameters of TEFIC ultrasonic chemical reactor: 

1) Our ultrasonic flow reactor equipped with customized stainless steel lid, sandblasted surface of lid, five ports on the kettle lids (liquid feeding mouth, solid feeding mouth, ultrasonic mouth, mechanical stirring mouth, temperature measurement mouth)

2) Customized stirring paddle (full stainless steel material, double layer push type paddle)

3) Ultrasonic vibration system(can provide 110V/220V power supply )


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