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10L Degassing Ultrasonic Cleaner

- TF-B series LCD display ultrasonic cleaner (double frequency +heating)
- Double frequency can choose to convert: 25Khz/45Khz
-RT-80℃ temperature adjustable

Detailed description

 LCD display ultrasonic cleaner (Double frequency+ Heating)

Product Description

TEFIC LCD display ultrasonic cleaner expect its own cleaning function, also with extraction, emulsification, accelerated dissolution, crushing, dispersion and other functions. Widely used in: machinery, electronics, plastics, instrumentation, environmental protection, medicine, packaging, military, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries manufacturing and maintenance cleaning; experimental materials straw, suction nozzle and utensils's cleaning, Degassing before chromatography, medical equipment, medical materials and utensils; cleaning of jewelery, watches, precious metals, precious stones, coins, glasses and so on




LCD display ultrasonic cleaner properties:

Double frequency can choose to convert: 25Khz/45Khz

1~600 minutes total working time setting

LCD display ultrasonic cleaning time, power and temperature                               

Real-time display working temperature

All parameters show the operation panel      

Ambient-80℃ temperature adjustable

Power 0%-100% adjustable                   

Matched with stainless steel basket, Lid        

Inner and outer shell of the instrument and lid adopt excellent stainless steel          

Working time countdown display                                                     

Operational program adopt single-chip microcomputer software

Degassing is adjustable on LCD panel                       

Working parameters power off memory function



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       Double frequency, LCD display, with heating function, ultrasonic power&time is adjustable



Our company also supply single-frequency LCD display ultrasonic cleaner, and digital display ultrasonic cleaner, with heating or without heating function according to your needs






             Package of TEFIC instruments

 TEFIC package.jpg

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