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Small Spray Dryer Equipment

Small Spray Dryer Equipment

2L/hour spray dryer equipment

Detailed description

Small spray dryer equipment 

TEFIC  2L /hour small spray dryer equipment main features

1)TEFIC  2L /hour small spray dryer equipment adopt original imported two fluid nozzle, more higher efficiency

2) Color LCD touch screen display: air inlet temperature,  air outlet temperature, / peristaltic pump rotation speed,  air volume, nozzle cleaner frequency.

3)TEFIC  2L /hour small spray dryer equipment equipped with a nozzle cleaner (through needle), which is automatically cleared when the nozzle is blocked, and the frequency of the needle can be adjusted automatically

4) Shutdown protection function:just press the stop button when shutting down, spray dryer machine will stop running immediately except the fan. Ensure that the spray dryer equipment is not burnt out by improper operation

5) Spray, drying and collection system are all made of transparent, high-quality, heat-resistant, high borosilicate glass material. keep the drying process in a non-polluting environment

6) Two fluid spray atomization structure, the whole machine of our spray dryer equipment is made of high quality stainless steel material, compact design, no auxiliary equipment is needed.

7) Our spray dryer equipment adopts real-time regulation PID constant temperature control technology.

Accurate temperature control in the whole temperature zone, heating temperature control accuracy ±1 °C

8) In order to keep the sample pure, our 2L /hour small spray dryer equipment equipped with an air inlet filter

9)The feeding volume can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump, minimum sample volume can be 50 ml.

10) The dried powder after drying with uniform particle size, and more than 95% of the dried  powder is in the same particle size range.

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TEFIC  2L /hour small spray dryer equipment technical parameters 



Max capacity


Temperature range of Inlet air

40°C -350°C adjustaable 

Temperature range of outlet air

40°C -140°C adjustable 

Precision of temperature

± 1 °C

Dryer time

1.0-1.5 S

Speed of squirt pump


 Spray system

Two- fluid nozzle (0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5mm)

Spray direction

downwards co-current

Power supply220V 50Hz

Heater power


Heat source


Air compressor

Built-in oil-free air compressor

Dried powder restoring rate


 Net weight


Overall dimension


Except standard type spray dryer equipment, TEFIC also supply full stainless steel 2L/hour spray dryer equipment 

2L spray dryer equipment.jpg

2L spray dryer equipment.jpg

Our small spray dryer equipment warehouse

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small spray dryer equipment.jpg

All of TEFIC spray dryer equipment passed CE certification

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TEFIC spray dryer CE certificate.jpg

2L/hour 5L/hour 10L/hour and customized spray dryer equipment, welcome to contact us at any time:

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