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Heating Bath

- GX series high-temperature circulator /heater with open type bath
- RT-200 ℃ or RT-300 ℃ mainly used for jacketed glass reactor heating function

Detailed description

GX series high-temperature circulator /heater


Description of high-temperature circulator
GX series of high-temperature circulator brand is our own R & D of a high-temperature heat source for jacketed reactors, chemical reactions in the test, high temperature distillation, the semiconductor industry. TG series of high-temperature circulator similar products made up the shortcomings, the price is much lower than imported products, is the ideal choice. 



The main features of high-temperature circulator
1. Microcomputer intelligent control system, heating quickly, temperature stable, easy to operate.
2. Water and oil dual purpose: the highest temperature can reach 300 ℃.
3.LED double windows are digital temperature measurements and temperature settings, easy to operate touch keys.
4. External circulation pump flow rate, up to 15L/min.
5. Optional cold water circulation device within the system pass into the water to achieve rapid cooling, suitable for high temperature thermal response of temperature control decentralization. 



 GX Series Heater.jpg high temperature circulator sealed type.jpg




          Technical parameters of GX series high-temperature circulator


               Ambient temperature ~ 200

high temperature circulator.jpg


               Ambient temperature ~ 300





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