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Closed Loop cooling Chillers

- LX series closed loop chiller
- Temperature range: -25℃ ~RT,suitable for jacketed glass reactor and rotary evaporators use

Detailed description

LX series low temperature circulator /chiller


Description of  LX series cooling circulator/chiller
1. LX series low temperature circulator temperature of heat transfer fluid can be adjustable.
2.Adopt ASPERA,DANFOSS,MANEUROP,COPELAND etc. Brand compressor,stable performance and can work continuously.
3.Human design,more convenient and flexible.
4.Microcomputer temperature controller,temperature figures display,adjustable unit is 0.1℃, temperature range is 7℃~30℃.
5.LX series chiller use hot gas bypass, save energy and improve the control precision.
6.A variety of fault alarm (overtemperature alarm, high pressure alarm, sensor alarm,compressor overheat alarm)
7. Power on delay protection.
8. LX series low temperature circulation pump all parts are safety grounding.
9.High-performance circulating pump, can guarantee 24 hours continuously running a day


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           Technical parameters of LX series low temperature circulator/chiller

LX chiller .jpg

LX cooling circulator.jpg





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