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Laboratory heating Bath

- UC series heating circulator /heater sealed type
- RT-200 ℃ or RT-300 ℃, not affected by the environment, heating fast

Detailed description

UC series heating circulator /heater


Description of  UC series heating circulator/heater

1.UC series with function from high temperature to cooling process, from 300℃~50℃.
2.Equipped with heating cooling container, with large heat transfer area, fast heat-up and cool-down, small heat transfer oil demand.
3.Can heat-up and cool-down continuously.
4.The whole cycle is full closed,there is no oil mist at high temperature, heat transfer oil can not be oxidized and browning.
5.With function of internal PT100 for correcting internal circulation.
6.The whole system is closed with expansion tank, the expansion tank and liquid circulation are thermal insulation, do not participate in liquid circulation, regardless of high or low temperature, the medium in expansion tank is limited to 60℃.



The main features of high-temperature circulator
Small space required
Low filling Volume
High Pump Capacity
Rapid & efficient filling of the complete
application with venting
+60 °C max. expansion tank temperature
Simple operation
High level of safety through constant



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            Technical parameters of UC series heating circulator/heater


UC heating circulator technical parameter 2 .jpg





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