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Refrigerated Heating Circulator

Refrigerated Heating Circulator

- HR series refrigerated heating circulator
-Temperature range: -25℃~200℃ adjustable
- Mainly for laboratory jacketed glass reactor use

Detailed description

                              HR series -25℃~200℃ Refrigerated heating circulator


Description of HR series heating & cooling circulator
HR series refrigerated heating circulator whole system is a closed liquid circulation system with the expansion of container, expansion of the container and the liquid circulation is adiabatic, and do not participate in liquid circulation, only mechanical connection, regardless of the temperature is a high temperature or low temperature, the  tank temperature is limited to 60℃.

The cycle is closed,there is no oil mist at high temperature and no water vapor at low temperature; Wide working temperature range of heat transfer oil; The entire circulation system without use of mechanical and electric valve.


Features of HR series heating & cooling circulator

1.Wide working temperature range with cooling and heating function, temperature range: -25~200℃.
2.With 2pcs of LED display controller, can show the setting temperature & actual value, and alarm value for overtemperature. 3.Efficient fast, simple topping up liquid.
4.Ensure fast cooling at high temperature and can acheive 200℃ ~ -20℃ temperature control continuously.
5.HR series heating & cooling circulator cycle system is closed, there is no oil mist and water vapor happend, so as to assure the lab safety and heat transfer fluid lifetime.
6. HR series heating & cooling circulator use copeland brand compressor,circulation pump,stable performance and reliable quality.

7.Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, liquid low level protection, high temperature protection and temperature fault protection.
8.Use the same kind of heat conducting in the whole heating-cooling cycle when control heat conducting medium temperature.
9.High-lift design and meet the long-distance transportation of heat conducting medium.


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            Technical parameters of HR series heating & cooling circulator

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