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500ml Clevenger Distillation Apparatus For Essential Oil Extraction

500ml Clevenger Distillation Apparatus For Essential Oil Extraction

Clevenger distillation apparatus 500ml 1000ml 2000ml optional
Made of 3.3 high quality borosilicate glass

Detailed description

 500ml clevenger distillation apparatus


 What's volatile oils?

 Volatile oils, also called essential oils, it is the general term of water-immiscible oily liquid,volatile at room temperature with steam distillation.Most volatile oils have aroma.



 Where clevenger distillation apparatus used for ?

 Clevenger distillation apparatus is used in pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical research, daily chemical industry, food industry,
etc., to determine the essential oil content of volatile components in the pharmaceutical and plant tissues


 What's advantage of TEFIC  clevenger distillation apparatus ?

TEFIC clevenger distillation apparatus made of high borosilicate glass, uniform thickness, no bubbles, thick walls, standard sealing port



 TEFIC  clevenger distillation apparatus parameters 

500ml(1000ml or 2000ml) hard round bottom flask was equipped with a volatile oil tester and
the upper end of the volatile oil tester was connected the condenser.
All of above components are connected with the glass grinding mouth. The analyzer with 0.1ml scale.


TEFIC clevenger apparatus widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical and other fields


 clevenger apparatus principle.jpg


Model TF-500mlTF-1000mlTF-2000ml
Bottom round flask capacity500ml 1000ml2000ml
 Length of condenser400mm400mm400mm
Capacity of extractor5ml5ml5ml
 Extractor graduation0.1ml
 Material3.3 borosilicate glass
Connect mouthgrinding mouth #24/#29






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TEFIC glass

glass reaction vessel.jpg



 glass reaction vessel.jpg


 rotary evaporator design.jpg



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