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50L Laboratory Single Layer Reaction Vessel

1. TEFIC single layer glass reactors consist of mechanical part, frequency converter, heating part and glass part four major components.
2. The key pieces, the main pole, chassis, shell of the mechanical part are made of high quality stainless steel, with good anti-corrosion properties
3. All glass parts made of high temperature resistant borosilicate glass

Detailed description

  10L-50L single layer laboratory reaction vessel with heating bath


What advantages of TEFIC single layer laboratory reaction vessel?

TEFIC multi-functional single layer bioreactor through matched high-temperature oil or water bath or electric heating mantle, provide demand hot melt for single-layer glass reactor, or equip with cooling coil in the heating bath to provide cold melt for single layer chemical reactors,constant heating or cooling samples in the bioreactor.


Material is reacted in the reaction kettle and can control a series of experimental process
such as evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution. After the reaction is completed, the material in the single-layer glass reaction kettle can be discharged fromthe sealed outlet,very easy to operate


The whole system of the single-layer chemical reactor vessel in closed condition, materials under atmospheric and vacuum conditions for gasification, evaporation, condensation reflux, concentration and purification

It is a multi-purpose machine, is the ideal equipment for modern chemistry, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, new materials synthesis, ect.


Welcome to choose your needed capacity!


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10L-50L single layer glass reactor technical parameters

Reactor capacity(L) 10L20L30L50L
Flask necks5555
Stirring power(W)120120250250
Rotation speed (rpm)40-72040-72040-72040-720

Diameter of stirring rod(mm)

dia 10dia 10dia 12dia 12
Heating power3kw 399℃5kw 399℃6kw 399℃8kw 399℃
Power supply (V)220220220380
Machine size(cm)





Vacuum sealinghavehavehavehave
±0.2℃ temperature fluctuationhavehavehavehave
Bottom dischargehavehavehavehave
PTFE stirring rodhavehavehavehave
Feeding hoophavehavehavehave
Thermometer tubehavehavehavehave
Reflux condensinghavehavehavehave
Distilation receivingoptional optional optional optional 
Vacuum meterhavehavehavehave

Bottom discharging


 liquid feeding system(1L)havehavehavehave


Oil bath or electric heating mantle heating type according to your requirements


Actual pictures of TETIC one layer glass bioreator


1L-5L single layer glass reactor with oil bath           10L-50Lone layer glass reactor with oil bath

     2L single layer pharma reactors.jpg                                               10 liter pharmaceutical reactor.jpg



   10L-50L one layer glass reactor with heating mantle       100L new design single layer glass reactor

       50L single layer pyrex glass reactor.jpg                                                100L single layer multiple reactor system.jpg



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Our Customers

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1. What's the max temperature?

Usually the high borosilicate glass can withstand over 300 degree centigrade and the PTFE stirring bar can withstand about 200 degree centigrade


2. What's the size do you have?

We can offer you 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L,150L.200L, 250L


3. How many kinds of your glass reactor?

Two types: jacketed glass reactor and single layer glass reactor.

Explosion proof is available.


4. What’s the heating mode of single layer glass reactor?

Oil/water bath heating, and heating mantle.


5. Can you offer the supporting facilities?

Yes, we can offer you the vacuum, heating and cooling system as you demand.


6. What's the minimum order quantity?

One set at present.



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