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Borosilicate Glass Coil Condenser For Sale

0.3~3㎡ glass coil condenser
1~20㎡ pipe bundle condenser
0.3~1㎡ double wall condenser
adopt high quality 3.3 high borosilicate glass material

Detailed description

                                                           Glass coil condenser/heat changer

Glass condenser heat exchanger description

Glass heat exchanger (condenser) is widely used equipment in fine chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, with large heat transfer area, high heat exchange efficiency, reasonable process etc.

Glass coil condenser/ heat exchanger main advantages

1.Heat exchange tube and shell welding directly, without leakage between casing and tube wall


2. Due to use 3.3 high borosilicate glass, have very strong corrosion resistance, heavy metals and impurities will not be separated, provide the best environment for manufacturing high purity products


3. Flexible assembly, can through the series or parallel, meet the needs of different heat transfer area 

Coil tube heat exchanger mainly used for condensation and cooling, can also be used for the liquid heat carrier heating



K value can be used to make a rough calculation:

liquid-liquid exchange: K=120-175W/㎡K (K=100-150Kcal/m2h℃)

Condensation:  K=230-315W/㎡K (K=200-270Kcal/m2h℃)

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Glass coil condenser/ heat exchanger application:

1.Corrosion resistance including all organic and inorganic medium (expect hydrofluoric acid, fluoride, phosphate, high temperature strong alkali)


2. Maximum working temperature:150℃


3. Maximum temperature difference120℃


4. Maximum working pressure:

  positive pressure( gage pressure):0.1MPa

  negative pressure:The pressure difference between the shell and tube side is less than 0.1MPa

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