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Hot Air Blast Drying Oven

250℃ 300℃ conventional hot air blast drying oven
1. Multiple sets of data display on one large LCD screen
2. Menu operation interface, easy to understand and operate

Detailed description

DHG series LCD display Hot Air Circulating Blast Drying Oven



Description of Hot Air Circulating Blast Drying Oven

Hot Air Circulating Blast Drying Oven widely used in mining industry, laboratory, scientific research institute, etc for drying, baking and wax-melting, sterilization, etc.




Features of LCD display Hot Air Circulating Blast Drying Oven

 1. Large LCD displayscreen, many sets of data display in one screen, menu type operation interface, simple and understand easily, convenient to operate (Standard configuration).


2. Adopt draught fan speed control mode, increase the temperature uniformity of the studio.


3. Adopt air duct circulation system which developed by ourselves, can automatic discharge the water vapor in the chamber, and no manual adjustment problems.


4. Our microcomputer temperature controller has over-temperature deviation protection and digital display functions, time setting function and temperature control is accurate and reliable.


5. Oven’s chamber produced by mirror stainless steel material, shelf bracket could be loading and unloading freely, semicircle four corners design make cleaning more convenient.


6. Blast drying oven shell made of high quality cold-roll steel sheet, surface electrostatic plastic spraying.


7. Independent temperature limitation alarm system, will be automatically interrupted if over the limit temperature, guarantee experiment’s safety (Optional)


8. With RS485 interface can connect with recorder and computer, can record  temperature parameters’ change.(Optional)




Thermostatic Type Drying Oven.jpg

Forced Air Circulation Drying Oven.jpg




Technical specifications of LCD display Hot Air Circulating Blast Drying Oven:


RT+10~250℃ blast drying oven

DHG Blast Drying Oven.jpg

RT+10~300℃ blast drying oven

Hot air drying oven.jpg



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